Activated Hybrid Project

by Cerebral Torture

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released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Cerebral Torture Madrid, Spain

Cerebral torture, is the new project of Carlos Mejias, former lead singer of Human Mincer solo project composer Thirst Of Revenge and current vocalist of Catastrophic Evolution.

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Track Name: 02 - Abhorrent Human Life
II - Abhorrent Human Life

We lived in a corrupt world with hate, that we believe that we are perfect,
I'm better than you, you 're worse than me. Daily, we live a life of deception,
Hypocrisy , envy , wickedness, A detestable human life. There is only war and destruction,
Sometimes, I concentrate looking at the endless sky and I feel it, I know they are there,
And they observe our movements. They learn from our mistakes for they don’t do the same as us,
But someday it will end forever. And everything will be a memory in another mind,
Sooner or later will come the desolation, and sadness flood our souls,
To the limit that we do not have anything in our heads. Our memories will disappear completely,
We 'll be empty inside. It is the life that we deserve. For waste every breath of our short stage on earth.
Life is hard , life is beautiful , But life we must know how to live it.
Track Name: 03 - Acid Fog
III - Acid Fog

You feel itching, your you lose your vision.You feel a cloth that shuts your pupil,
It prevents you from seeing what is happening.Your retina will record, only a vision,
Only a thick cloud that comes closer more and more. In your body they flow eruptions rapidly.
Your skin breaks into pieces, your eyes become expanded, It is fast and lethal,
It destroys over and over again. It is a gas impossible dodging Mortal,
Acid mist, thick fog. We go to death. Acid mist, thick fog. You, do not try to flee.
It enters for your pores destroying your inside. You feel the crushing sound of your bones,
Your eyes begin to bleed. Extirpating each breath of your life,
Perishing painful and slowly. Plants fade away to their step.
Fast and lethal, it destroys over and over again.
Trees collapse when they are touched by gas.
The land gets inert. And that way, it devastates the whole city.
Track Name: 04 - Restarting The Hippocampus
IV - Restarting The Hippocampus

They are professionals , they are cautious, they execute your tactics
In a completely invisible way, you do not notice anything,
Even when it has already occurred. Every day is a new day, back again,
They dig into your memory, until they join you. They make their way,
Between our memories to manipulate us and let our minds dry,
The empty fills us up to the limit not remember anything,
Neither smell , neither a color, neither a single memory,there will be nothing,
Dementia, Alzheimer, that way that our doctors call it.You go into a loop where,
Only there are loneliness, everything that you lived , will be removed from your brain,
Your retina no longer is a part of your life. Your look is lost, you will never be able to turn back.
Track Name: 05 - The Hybrid
V - The Hybrid

The investigation has taken centuries.Thousands of proofs with failed results,
Days wakefully, mental madness. Lives of the of our species,
But every effort has its reward. Behind defaulting time after time,
Finally we happened on the hidden code. We completed it and feel proud
A new creation that will sow the chaos. At last we have found the way,
To mix both blood types obtaining what's unimaginable,
It is genetically perfect. At last we have the Human hybrid in our possession,
The perfect Creation in which we have worked hard without a break
At last it is finished. The hybrid project is activated,
They will obey all our orders. Next objective,
Infiltration in the Earth, recruiting humans,
Managing quarantine and making them out of ours.
Track Name: 06 - Becoming ash
VI - Becoming ash

Your do not hide, your you cannot flee. It will catch up with you and everything will finish,
Only a few of us will resist. But sooner or later all of us will die,
Its powerful splendor will finish with us. All at the same time, without conscience, wantonly
We will look skywards and will fall put out of plumb. And Our body without pulse,
Will perish instantly. Becoming ash when being abandoned by our soul,
Devoured for light, it is pulled off by that blinding radiation, Fainting rapidly,
Behind the step of the wind. Your do not hide, your you cannot flee,
Only a few of us will resist. But sooner or later all of us will die.
Track Name: 07 - Returning where never we had been
VII - Returning where never we had been

Distant memories wash over my mind deeply, confusion in my memory,
Caused for non-existent memories, Mine soul rises, but my body continues to be clear-felled,
I travel toward another place without moving me of my place.Where am I?
Is it real or isn't it? I am not sure, visions of experiences that still I have not lived,
As if I was over there, but never we had been. A madness that every day,
My brain twists a little more, I know that I have been. I know that I have gone.
But when? And in what moment of my life is did it happen?I’m going insane,
Perhaps they manipulated my mind, Perhaps I am not as crazy as it seems.
Now I remember when I began with the paranoids,It was that brilliant nigh,
That it seemed like it was daylight. From that hallucinatory,
Drug and intense splendor, every change. They take us and bring us,
You do not know that they make it,
Only we are your pet, We are only, humans.
Track Name: 08 - Tunnel Towards the Divine Light
VIII - Tunnel Towards the Divine Light

Those voices keep on sounding in my head. You come to me, your come to me
And your never you will suffer again. I feel attracted by that crazy force,
That spiritual voice that travels all my inside. Showing me the road to follow.
You come with us, they are weak. The divine light of the paradise wait you
you will discover the light of a new world. The divine light toward the tunnel of the oversight.
We will teach our power to you. Here you find eternal Peace. You come with us,
We will guide you toward our dimension. Toward the tunnel of the unknown.
I cannot resist much more. Ancestral visions fill my mind. I no longer can control it,
I should quit back all my life and starting from zero.
I feel as I divagate acceding to infinity. I see as my soul is disintegrated
While I am abducted by that immense light and I review every instant of my life,
Your remember this forever, sooner or later everything will belong to us
Track Name: 09 - Neurological Engorgement
IX - Neurological Engorgement

And of the sky a huge twinkle emerged, flooding with the streets each corner completely
Throwing blinding beams of light, appropriating of each body that they found to his step.
Lifeless bodies fade into the ground of the city. Because of the molecular congestion
That emit those creatures letting his step a desolating grass-land of beings human,
lifeless, without a soul, without anything.The new race has just coming to our planet,
Hybrids, in that way make themselves called. Half human, half alien,
The perfect race to destroy the inferior races,They are genetically perfect and designed to kill.
They will finish with us all, in order to make ourselves.
They were observing us during millions of years, Investigating with a great quantity of tests,
Abductions and kidnappings of our families, distant memories, memory loss.
They already are here and this time they are not going to fail,
They have their objective carved in their brain They will not stop until completing their purpose,
Although you fight for your life, you be beaten, We do not have the merest opportunity.
Track Name: 10 - Your mind belongs to me
X - Your mind belongs to me

You have the disturbed mind.You no longer are the owner of your body,
You can feel all his interior power.You are being completely dominated
For a creature than you cannot see, outside, you continue to be the same,
A bag of meat full of bones, you are fragile, an insignificant human,
A manipulated insect, but your mind has changed.Now you control everything
With only one thought, You enter into the mind of every living organism
Manipulating your acts completely, an inhuman force satisfies you on the inside.
We are inside you, I am in your inside, your you are mine, you are ours,
Hereafter, always... We have always been between the humans,
You are a despicable, hateful and selfish race.
We have always been here, but never ever you realized by your egocentrism
Now all your world belongs to us, from now on and always.